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Foster care is the most crucial ingredient in dog rescue. Without available foster homes, many dogs will not be rescued. For the dogs in animal control facilities, this often means death. As a dog foster care provider you impact three canine lives: the foster dog you send forward to a wonderful home, the next dog you can take in, and the dog in the shelter that is now given more time to live because of the space that is freed up by the dog you foster. We are always in need of foster homes. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can save.



Responsibilities of Dog Foster Care Provider

A foster companion or family must provide a safe, secure, stable environment, and most importantly, the love needed to nurture those dogs back to their happy, healthy selves. Some dogs require special care, such as post medical attention, increasing weight or strength, socializing, building trust, exercise and fun. Being a foster care provider takes a considerable amount of time, dedication and genuine caring. 

Your Relationship with Potential Adopters

Because you will have the best knowledge of your foster dog's temperament, likes and dislikes, we will ask you to share that information with people who are considering adopting the dog. CHEW will help find and screen potential adopters - all potential adopters will be screened. And CHEW will join you in making the final decision about who should adopt your foster dog.


CHEW Dog Rescue will pay all necessary veterinary fees such as health assessment exams, spay or neuter, microchipping, vaccinations and medications. If needed, CHEW will help with food costs.

Why I foster

If you think you could help by being a foster care provider, please complete the Foster Care Application.

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