Happy Tails

We first met Charlie as a dog we agreed to foster for our local CHEW Dog Rescue. Charlie was one of those fluffy small terrier mixes with huge engaging expressive eyes and a joy for being rescued. As soon as we brought him into our home, we quickly fell in love.  We realized we had to make him part of our family and adopt him.  He has his issues with other dogs but I noticed how my elderly parents fell in love with him instantly. His demeanor changed around my parents and he seemed to know that he needed to interact with them in a gentile way. From then on, they asked that I bring Charlie when I visited and wanted Charlie to come with us to do their errands. Charlie made my elderly parents smile and rekindled the joy found in the little things in life, a dog’s wet kisses.

A few months back my dad ended up in a memory care unit and kept asking to see "that dog".  Had Charlie found his purpose in life?  I wondered.  I quickly completed the paper work that allowed Charlie to visit the facility as a regular.  As I entered the common area of the facility with Charlie taking the lead, I noticed residents smiling at Charlie as he ran to greet my Dad with kisses and a wagging behind.  I decided to take Charlie to meet the others and the residents seemed to come alive!

Elizabeth, whom I have never heard speak, hugged and petted Charlie and said over and over "nice puppy".  We all were amazed when she told us she had a dog.  Another woman held Charlie on her lap and we walked the halls with me pushing them both in her wheelchair. She was so totally happy in that moment. I wanted to make it last as long as I could.  Resident Jim learned that patting his lap is a sign for Charlie to jump into his. Jim gave him hugs and kisses and made everyone giggle.  I love Charlie and the joy he brings every day, but I was amazed how he brought so much joy to the residents without even trying. He seems to know that these residents need his wet kisses and his brand of small dog antics to brighten up their lives. Charlie seems more than happy to spend time with each and every resident on his visits and they look forward to him coming also.

Did I rescue Charlie so he could rescue the elderly residents of this facility, who knows? Thank you, Charlie!

~Linda Todd

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